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All nightlife outlets at Orchard Towers cease public entertainment except one

The party has all but stopped at Orchard Towers, after nightlife establishments there ceased public entertainment operations on Tuesday.

The police said in a statement the same day that only one establishment – which it did not name – has been given the green light to continue operating, having been granted an interim two-month extension of its public entertainment licence.

It had made an appeal to the Public Entertainment Appeal Board, and can continue providing public entertainment until Sept 30, or until a decision on its appeal is made, whichever is earlier.

In July 2022, nightclubs and bars at the mixed development were informed that their public entertainment licences would not be renewed beyond May 31.

New licences would not be granted beyond the deadline either, and a total of 12 commercial units were notified.

“This was a policy decision as part of the Government’s continued efforts to manage the law-and-order situation and disamenities in the area,” said the statement.

After an appeal made by operators and the Singapore Nightlife Business Association, the police in April agreed to extend public entertainment licences until July, with it meant to facilitate the nightlife establishments’ transition to alternative arrangements.

Nightlife operators were also told that there would be no further renewal of their licences thereafter.

Orchard Towers is a strata-titled development, and the units are owned by different individuals and businesses.

It comprises two 25-storey blocks, one at the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road, and the other at Claymore Drive.

The first five floors at the commercial block on Orchard Road are filled with retail units and watering holes, and there are another 20 levels of offices.

The location has long been tainted by its association with vice activities, with brawls there often making the news.

In July 2019, a 31-year-old man was killed during a fight, while in August 2022, three men were charged with rioting after a brawl that took place outside Orchard Towers.

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