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Number of safe distancing ambassadors deployed to be reduced as Covid-19 restrictions ease: MSE

The number of safe distancing ambassadors (SDAs) deployed on patrols will be gradually stepped down as Singapore further eases its Covid-19 restrictions from Tuesday (April 26).

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) said on Sunday (April 24) that this decrease will allow SDAs to return to other sectors as the economy continues to recover, amid a tightening labour market.

Around 2,000 SDAs are currently employed by various government agencies, the ministry added. Employment assistance will be provided to those who require it.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Health announced a large-scale easing of Covid-19 measures, including the removal of group size limits and safe distancing requirements Currently, the rule states that individuals need to keep to a group of 10 people for mask-off activities. The use of SafeEntry and TraceTogether will also cease at most venues.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, MSE said: "As we make further progress in easing measures and living with Covid-19, personal and social responsibility by individuals and premises owners will become more important to keeping everyone safe."

However, as safe management measures (SMMs) still apply in certain settings, there will be a need for enforcement officers (EOs) to conduct checks and investigations of such violations, the ministry added. EOs have the authority to conduct enforcement against SMM violations.

"Examples include vaccination-differentiated SMMs in settings with higher risks of transmission, such as events with more than 500 participants at any one time, nightlife establishments with dancing, and food and beverage establishments," MSE said.

Firm enforcement action will continue to be taken against individuals and operators of premises who do not comply with prevailing SMMs, said the ministry. "This could include fines or prosecution in court for egregious cases."

MSE encouraged members of the public to do their part to keep one another safe and secure as Singapore adjusts to the new normal.

"We would also like to thank all our SDAs and EOs for their tireless efforts and contributions towards keeping Singapore safe during the Covid-19 pandemic," it added.

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