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Passenger tosses bag of durian out of bus when called out by driver

Durian. Hate it or love it.

But even the most hardcore durian lover would not welcome its pungent smell trapped in a public transport.

It is totally understandable that the King of Fruits is not allowed in hotels and public transport – it is tough to get rid of the smell.

However, there are still commuters unaware of this rule in Singapore or flout it anyway and hope they would not get found out.

An Instagram video shared by SgfollowsAll on Dec 15 shows a bus driver informing two passengers that they were not supposed to take durian on board the bus. 

Both the passengers got up from their seats and walked towards the exit. The younger passenger tapped a card on the reader but the older passenger said in Mandarin not to disembark.

When the door opened, the older passenger casually fished out the offending package and tossed it onto the road.

The discarded bag of durian stood forlornly on the road, in the dark of the night.

The two passengers walked back to their seats. One of them said "okay" to the bus driver who then closed the rear door and moved off.



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It is not okay to take durian on board public transport and it is definitely not okay to litter.

But at least there was no awkward stand-off like the one in June this year, where a passenger with durian refused to disembark, so the bus driver switched off the air-conditioning and refused to budge.