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M’sian man on S’pore-JB bus confronts driver for reckless driving

When a Malaysian man on a bus travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru confronted the driver for reckless driving, things quickly went downhill.

The driver turned aggressive, the man tried to take photos but was later forced to delete them after Malaysian immigration officers intervened, he claimed. 

The man posted about his bad experience in a Facebook group on Dec 12. 

He wrote that he had boarded the bus with his girlfriend and her elder sister, who had a stroller and her four-month-old baby with her, three days earlier at 9am.

There was a traffic jam at the JB checkpoint, so the bus driver allowed some passengers to alight before the drop-off point. But he suddenly stepped on the accelerator when the bus in front started moving.

Some passengers were “still getting off the bus”, the man claimed, and although nothing happened to them, he told the bus driver to be more careful.

The latter got angry and allegedly yelled at him. 

“I didn’t want to argue with him, so I just took a photo of him and his bus licence plate number. When he realised I took a photo, he rushed out of the driver’s seat and tried to grab my phone.”

The man claimed that the bus driver also tried to push him and cursed at him. 

That’s when two immigration officers, who had noticed the argument, approached them. 

One of the officers asked whether the man was Singaporean or Malaysian. When he replied that he was Malaysian, he was allegedly told in Malay: “Do you want to go into Malaysia? If you want to enter, delete the video. If not, I will bring this matter to my superiors and ban your passport.”

Feeling cornered, the man said he handed over his mobile phone and the photos of the bus driver were deleted. But he managed to save a copy of the photos.

Expressing his disappointment in Malaysian officials, he wrote: “The bus driver was clearly the one at fault here, but he could get away with yelling and cussing at me. 

“They didn’t even ask the bus driver why he got aggressive. If he didn’t do anything wrong, why was he afraid when I took a photo of him?” 

According to 8world, the Immigration Department of Malaysia said they did not receive any reports on the incident. But Mr Lim Chern Chuen, executive director of Handal Indah Group of Companies, which owns Causeway Link, confirmed that the bus driver is an employee. 

He apologised for the driver’s actions and said he would be disciplined.

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