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Pet dog spotted with plastic bag tied to its hind legs, helper accused of abuse

A pet dog accompanied by a domestic helper was spotted in Woodlands with a plastic bag tied around its hind legs, leading to netizens criticising her for animal abuse.

A video uploaded to TikTok showed a helper and her employer’s dog at a Woodlands HDB void deck.

The helper was spotted stepping on the dog’s leash while she sat on a ledge looking at her mobile phone.

It appeared as if the leash was too short for the dog to even lower its head. The plastic bag also prevented the pooch from sitting down.

According to the video’s caption, when the helper was approached and asked about her treatment of the dog, she claimed her employer ordered her to place the plastic bag there.

She apparently removed the plastic bag after the exchange and asked why she was being recorded. 

@wanfly_1105 She claims that her employer ordered her to put the plastic like that . After she was confronted , she removed the plastic and ask why she was been recorded and also start to walk the dog as normal . What we see as a outsider , it’s an abuse . The dog can’t even sit as the plastic is tied up to the dog’s waist . I’m against animal abuse and I would like this to reach to her employer . Video took anonymously #fyp #againstanimalabuse ♬ original sound - ???????

A number of commenters suggested that the helper might have been waiting for the dog to do its business into the bag before taking it off.

Most comments, however, said the treatment of the dog was unacceptable, especially since it was held on such a short leash.