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Private-hire driver hits back at passenger who gives him one-star rating

A Gojek driver took to TikTok recently to express his annoyance at a passenger who complained about his car boot being “small”. 

The driver, Franster Wong, posted a video on Sunday (March 19) sharing details about the one-star rating he received on March 17. 

A screengrab of the review in the video shows the male passenger had three complaints against Wong. 

The first was that his car boot was small and could not accommodate his luggage, which included one big bag and one carry-on. 

He also claimed that Wong did not help him load and unload the luggage from the car.

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In the video, the 37-year-old said, in a mix of Mandarin and English: “Usually I don't care about such comments, but this one is too much.”

He added that the first two allegations were unfair, given that he drives a Honda Vezel.

He said: “Confirm can fit your luggage, you are the one who doesn't know how to arrange your own luggage.”

Wong also said he had actually offered to help the man with his bags, but the latter said he “didn’t need it”.

The passenger also complained that Wong had told him to book a XL cab for having two bags on him. 

But Wong denied this allegation, saying he was infuriated when the passenger told him to “change to a bigger car” shortly after the ride began. 

He said that what he meant when he told the passenger to book an XL-sized car is to do so if he wanted a larger car with a bigger boot. 

“I didn't say you had to book a larger car because you had two bags, you understand?” he added in the video. 

Speaking to Asiaone, Wong said this was the first time a passenger has complained about his car being small. 

"I feel injustice because the luggage definitely can fit but you say that it cannot fit," he said, adding that a low rating might get a driver suspended, or result in the driver being offered fewer rides.

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