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Punggol home invaded by 'fierce' cat, man calls police for help

This article is more than 12 months old

A man, whose home in Punggol was invaded by a cat in the wee hours of Wednesday (May 31), called the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for help.

According to Mr Harris Abu Bakar, who posted pictures of the encounter on Facebook, a black cat entered his home at 1am on Wednesday.

He said he tried to get it out for two hours but “it was too aggressive, growling menacingly and defensively scratching to keep me away”.

Mr Bakar said he called a few animal agencies, but then turned to the police and SCDF for help as he did not want the animal to be culled.

Photos he put up online show police officers gathered in his home, with gloves and masks on.

SCDF told The Straits Times on Saturday (June 3) that it received a call for help at 2.13am and dispatched an ambulance to Block 178, Edgefield Plains.

However, no one was taken to hospital.

Police told ST that they received a call for police assistance at 2.12am and went to the same location.“No further police assistance was required,” said the spokesman.


ST understands that police and SCDF officers helped to capture the cat and get it out of the unit.

However, the animal escaped and its whereabouts are currently unknown.