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Rabbits with maggots on their fur found abandoned in Bukit Batok Park

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A welfare group rescued a pair of rabbits in Bukit Batok recently and found maggots on their bottom. 

Five abandoned rabbits were spotted at Lorong Sesuai in Bukit Batok on Dec 12 by a passerby who rescued one of them and alerted welfare groups about the other four. 

Two were taken in by Bunny Wonderland, a private rescue group, while the other two, both females, were taken in by the House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS), a volunteer-run non-profit organisation that rehomes abandoned rabbits.

The HRSS pair, Scoop and Sandy, were brought to the vet, where maggots were found on their matted fur. 

Apparently, these were not the only recent incidents of rabbit abandonment.

Earlier this month, 13 rabbits were found in poor condition in the Clementi area.

Speaking to Mothership, the founder of HRSS, referred to as Betty, said the rabbits found in Clementi and Bukit Batok are likely to have been abandoned by breeders.

"We highly suspect that (breeders abandoned them), as they are relatively young and some have signs of pregnancy. One girl from the Bukit Batok case showed signs she has recently given birth."


She added that abandonment cases have seen a "sudden spike" in the past two months.

Last year, HRSS took in eight abandoned rabbits. In the past six months, they have taken in 14.

Betty has advised potential pet owners against getting bunnies on impulse: Rabbits are a 10-year commitment, requiring time, effort and finances to keep them healthy and happy. They are not low-maintenance starter pets for kids, and domesticated rabbits cannot survive in the wild.

If you are considering owning a rabbit, you can find out more about how to care for them through HRSS' guide here.

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