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Razer launches smartphone built for gamers

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Gaming tech company Razer capped a busy week yesterday with the unveiling of its first smartphone - a move analysts said marks the Singaporean-led company's attempt to go beyond being known as a maker of peripherals like keyboards.

During an event at the National Science Museum in London, Razer chief executive Tan Min-Liang announced the Razer Phone, which he billed as one built with gamers in mind.

It boasts high-end specs on par with those found in flagship devices like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Its 5.7-inch display is an LCD panel designed by Japanese firm Sharp and has a 120Hz screen refresh rate, up from the industry standard of 60Hz.


"What did we do with the Razer Phone? We spent an insane amount of money," said Mr Tan.

"We worked with some of the top people in the world, so we got a propriety screen designed specifically for us, for gamers."

The Razer Phone will retail for US$699.99 (S$950), with the first wave of countries, such as the United States and select Europe markets, getting it on Nov 17.

Local pricing and availability are currently unavailable, but Razer is expected to release more details following the phone's initial launch.