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Safety supervisor escorts mother hen and chicks trying to cross road in Tanjong Pagar

An amusing situation has been caught on video of a family of chickens trying to cross a road in Tanjong Pagar.

A safety supervisor rushes out to help them when the mother hen and her chicks are stuck in the middle of a large intersection between Cantonment Link and Cantonment Road, but not without some hesitation on the protective mother’s part. 

But in the end, they safely make it over to the other side.

In an video of the incident, the chickens are almost done crossing the road towards Southpoint building when a chick stops moving. Luckily for them, the traffic light is red.

The mother hen turns back to check on the chick, but it refuses to budge. She rushes over to the chick, and at least three other chicks who are further ahead turn and follow her back.

That’s when a man dressed in a reflective vest and wearing a blue safety helmet, which points to him being a safety supervisor, steps in.

With their safety in mind, the supervisor begins to escort the chickens. He is seen reaching down and trying to use his hands to get the chick to move along.

But the mother hen does not take well to the presence of a stranger approaching her babies.

She lunges at the supervisor’s hands while furiously flapping her wings.

However, the man is undeterred. He scoops up the chick in his right hand and ignores the mother hen’s protests.

Appearing to finally realise his good intentions, the hen turns and dashes for the roadside. The supervisor walks across quickly, with the chick in tow.

He deposits the chick at the grassy roadside and the family is reunited safely.

Netizens responded to the video by praising the safety supervisor’s kindness, with one commenting that he did his job by making sure the chickens got across safely.

Another person was amused by the mother hen’s initial reaction to the supervisor and wrote: “The mummy hen so cute, want to bite him. Finally she understand and let him carry the chick.”

Yet another remarked that “kindness knows no boundaries” and reminded everyone that doing good deeds would result in “good karma”.