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Car hits woman taking photo on road in Tanjong Pagar

The list of serious injuries and deaths in which people were killed or injured before, during or after being engrossed in taking a picture is growing in our photo-obsessed world.

Luckily for one woman, she escaped, barely, from being added to the list.

She was taking pictures of her friends outside a shophouse in Tanjong Pagar while standing on the road, only for a car to run over her heel when turning. 

Footage of the incident was posted on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page

According to the post, the incident happened at Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar on Wednesday (Aug 16) at around 4.30pm.

The video shows the woman taking pictures of some friends outside a Shake Shack outlet at a shophouse - as she stands on the border of a yellow box at the junction of Craig Road and Neil Road.

While she is immersed in getting the perfect shot, a white Toyota Prius pulls up to the junction. 

The driver stops for a second when they notice the woman.

But she either ignores the car or is unaware of it as she continues with taking the picture.

The car then makes a turn, seemingly running over the woman’s heel.

It narrowly misses her body, causing her to stumble before driving away.

The woman recovers her balance quickly and does not seem to be badly hurt.

Some people who viewed the video said it was still a hit-and-run case regardless of what the woman was doing.

But most netizens criticised her for her dangerous actions, saying she should have known better.

“She deserves it!” said one.

“She stands too close to the curb… should be a bit in the middle of the road. Bwahahahahahaha,” commented a viewer.

It wouldn’t be a laughing matter if anything worse had happened.

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