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Shopee delivers parcel but 'white-haired' man steals it

A Shopee customer contacted the seller when he did not receive his parcel.

But when Stomper Nic, who was the customer, checked his CCTV, he realised his parcel was delivered, just that someone had taken it.

Nic shared the CCTV footage showing a man walking past his flat before turning back to look at the parcel on the shoe cabinet outside the gate.

The man then picked up the parcel and walked away.

Nic made a police report on Jan 3.

In the police report, he said: "On Jan 2 at about 5.54pm, I was informed via Shopee app that my parcel was delivered."

But when he could not find the parcel, he contacted the seller, who told him to raise a dispute with Shopee.

"Then I decided to check the CCTV recording. The parcel was indeed delivered at 5.54pm, but at 5.58pm, a guy with white hair, dressed in an orange tee and black shorts, was seen taking the parcel."

Nic, who lives at Sengkang West Road, posted on Facebook: "This guy is not my neighbour or someone who lives on my level. This guy was also seen wandering at other floors."

He told Stomp: "It is rather disturbing and irritating as it could've been my medication."

In response to a Stomp request, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and said investigations are ongoing.

Another video shared by Sgfollowsall shows the same man in the same shirt taking a bag hanging on the handle of the gate on Jan 4.

The Stomper said the bag contained his "confinement food".