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Students taken aback when stranger asks for free 'upsized meal' at McDonalds

Two students were stunned when a stranger approached them and asked if they could pay for his food at a McDonald's outlet. 

They shared about the incident on Instagram page sgfollowsall on Wednesday (March 22). 

The two students were at the McDonald’s at Junction 8, when they were approached by a middle-aged man who asked them to help him order food.  

“I thought he meant that he didn't know how to press the items on the kiosk, so my friend helped him,” one of them said. 

The student claimed the man chose an “upsized meal worth $7 to $9”.

Then, to their surprise, the stranger asked if they could pay for his meal. 


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Said the student: “After hearing that, I knew something was wrong. I told the man 'No, I no money,' but (he kept insisting).”

The man left the pair alone after being rejected, but soon tried his luck with another group of students. 

“I told [the students] that he has no money (and) is asking you to pay,” the student added. 

Realising he wasn’t getting any help, the man sauntered over to a KFC nearby and approached students there. 

"It's not that I do not want to [help him] pay. But it's that he's asking people to order $7 to $9 worth of food at a fast food restaurant when he could order a $3 meal at a hawker centre, which (would be) more worth it," said the student. 

In the comments, many felt it was unnecessary for the student to "warn others" and “shame” the man. They also said there was nothing wrong in helping the man out with a free meal.  


Others, like the two students, were more wary, and said the man might be a “fake beggar,” targeting students for free meals.