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Thirsty much?: GrabFood rider drinks Iced Milo from customer's cup and delivers it

Working outdoors sure makes you thirsty. But one delivery rider took it a step too far when he drank a customer’s beverage just before handing it to him.  

A GrabFood rider was caught drinking a customer's Iced Milo from McDonald's right in front of their doorstep – unaware of the fact that there was a surveillance camera capturing his actions.

The customer recounted his bizarre and unpleasant experience on TikTok and Instagram on Sept 7.

"A couple of days ago, I ordered Macs from Grab and then this happened," the customer, who goes by Haziquehibri on social media, said.

He shared footage from a CCTV camera which showed the GrabFood rider holding a cup of Iced Milo from McDonald's, and taking a sizable sip from the lid.

When Hazique opened the door, the rider simply handed over the beverage as if everything was normal. 

"The mouthpiece was so wet… I don't know if it was saliva or sweat or a combination of that and spilled Milo, but (it) was nasty," he said.

After examining the cup, he confronted the rider, revealing that there was a camera outside the house. To which the rider, who had a five-star rating on Grab, responded: "Huh?".

@haziquehibri can’t believe this is what ends up being my first ever TikTok ? #fooddelivery #grabfood #service #unclestengmymilo #unclecheckforpoison #goodbyeMILOver ♬ original sound - haziquehibri

Hazique acknowledged that GrabFood riders can get thirsty on the job, but wished that the rider had just stolen the drink altogether.

"Just don't pass me something that you put your lips on, I don't want the lips of another man," he added.

He contacted Grab, who has since granted him a full refund.

Responding to queries from Mothership, Grab said in a statement:

 "This is against our code of conduct and we have banned the delivery-partner from our platform on the day the incident was reported. We have also issued a full refund on the order to our user. We want to reassure the public that this is a one-off incident and does not reflect the high standards that our delivery-partners uphold."