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Toddler injured after falling while using Evorie water bottle

This article is more than 12 months old

A toddler was rushed to hospital after he fell while using a straw water bottle on Aug 14.

The boy's father, Stomper Dickson, shared the traumatic experience with Stomp with the intention that nobody's else child go through a similar accident.

"My 1½-year-old boy was drinking from his water bottle when he accidentally slipped and fell," said Dickson.

"The water bottle connected with his face, and ripped up a chunk of his skin on the forehead and eyebrow.

"My helper was just standing right beside him as it all unfolded, and it happened very fast, all in a matter of seconds."

In a video Dickson shared with Stomp, his son was indeed seen sipping on his cup when he fell. Blood was seen gushing down his face when he got up again.

"My baby boy was rushed to the hospital emergency room where he was treated right away for the excessive bleeding, and needed surgery to close the wound ASAP," he said.

Dickson acknowledged that the photo he shared was "gruesome" but felt the need to share them so that other parents could understand the severity and "life-changing damage" an "award-winning" sippy bottle can cause.

He had bought the Evorie Tritan bottle from Shopee after doing some research.

"I disregarded the price because even if it was expensive, I wanted something that was safe to use for his age," said Dickson.

"The bottle was rated for babies older than six months in the listing, and they even included pictures of even infants using it on their ad listing.

"I want the company to explain to me, as a parent of the child affected, how your cup is sharp enough to slice a baby's face to this degree.

"I am still baffled to this day.

"It happened three weeks ago but I am left staring at my son every day and his still healing wound wondering what the f***, pardon my French.

"I'm very concerned about his future, his childhood, the potential teasing/bullying/life opportunities and just all the bad stuff that could happen from such a disfigurement. 

"As a father, this is the last thing I would wish on anyone's children so I'm spending my time and effort to highlight this and hopefully prevent any further accidents to our children."

In a statement to Stomp, an Evorie spokesman said they welcome parents to reach out to them about any specific safety concerns.

"All Evorie products, including the particular model in question, undergo strict quality and safety tests by reputable independent laboratories to certify compliance with the highest international safety regulations and standards," the spokesman said.

"Our thoughts are with the toddler and we wish him a speedy recovery."