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From tour guide to life partner: Ukrainian model reveals how she met Singaporean husband

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Ukrainian Tiktoker Nina Monzolevska apparently gets asked the same question repeatedly – how did you meet your Singaporean husband?

While the answer is simple enough – via the good ol’ Tinder app – the circumstances and timing of it all make for a rather sweet story. 

The 25-year-old told the tale in a video on May 25, saying it all began with a bout of homesickness while she was on a modelling stint in Japan five years ago. 

Wanting to return home for a break, Nina had met with some resistance from her modelling agency as she was in the midst of her contractual term. But after making a few calls, she was granted a brief respite.

Her return home coincided with her future husband’s visit to Ukraine.

He was visiting the country for 10 days when she chanced upon his Tinder profile which “asked for someone local to show him around”.

“I can do that plus I can practise my English," Nina thought to herself.

One outing soon turned into two, but before they could continue hanging out, Nina's mother intervened.

"He's a foreigner and God knows what he is going to do with you," she said at the time.

For them to meet up again, he would first have to meet Nina’s parents. 

Nina revealed that although she felt a little weird asking him to do so, he was surprisingly cool about it. And the meeting turned out to be a very positive one. 

Fast forward to four months later, he proposed and we got married, Nina said. 

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The couple are now happily married in Singapore with a six-month-old daughter. 

Not surprisingly, netizens were charmed by how the couple met. In the comments section, some of them even likened their story to a fairytale.

"I love this story! You guys are destined to be [with] each other," one TikTok user wrote.