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Traffic Police catch good motorists on Day 1 of campaign

Mr Shaiful Amjad Basri was riding home when he was stopped by a Traffic Police (TP) officer on the Pan-Island Expressway just before the Eunos exit on April 1.

“I thought it was just a spot check. I knew I hadn’t committed any infringements,” said the motorcyclist, who was proven right.

The officer directed him to a carpark in Eunos, where he commended him for wearing safety gear, which protects riders in case of crashes, and presented him with a goodie bag.

“I was happy. It’s (three times) lucky for me,” added Mr Shaiful, 54, who was similarly rewarded in 2019 and 2020.

He was among three motorists whose good riding and driving habits were rewarded by TP officers around Singapore on April 1 as the “Reward the Sensible Motorists” campaign kicked off.

The campaign, which runs till Sept 30, was launched by the TP and Singapore Road Safety Council (SRSC) to encourage motorists to adopt good driving and riding habits.

It is the first year that drivers are included in the annual campaign, which ran from 2019 as “Reward the Riders”.

Expanding the campaign to all motorists signals that both motorcyclists and drivers play an important role in keeping the roads safe for all by adopting good driving and riding habits.

During the campaign, motorists riding or driving safely and responsibly, such as by signalling before changing lanes and giving way to other motorists and pedestrians, will be rewarded if spotted by TP officers.

They will receive a goodie bag with special collectables and be featured on the TP’s “Use Your RoadSense” Facebook page.

Mr Shaiful, a field engineer in the lift industry who has been riding since 1989, said he made it a practice to gear up for riding following a bad accident in 2017, which left him in intensive care for a week and hospitalised for one month.

It is recommended that motorcyclists wear tight-fitting gloves, a jacket and closed footwear, in addition to their properly secured helmet.

Mr Shaiful had been hit by a car, “so I know what it is like if you don’t wear all this safety gear”. He added that he always checks his blind spots and signals before changing lanes.

Motorcyclist Zulfiqar Azman, 32, was likewise rewarded for being in full riding gear after being spotted in Tampines.

“Dress for the fall, rather than the ride itself” has been his mantra after getting into an accident nine years ago when his bike skidded.

The motorcycle mechanic, who has been riding for 13 years, said: “Whenever I ride, I always gear up.”

He added that it is important to anticipate what other road users are about to do.

“You need to have a lot of awareness of what’s happening around you, not just what’s in front.”

This tip was echoed by Mr Tee Beng Teck, 59, the third motorist rewarded on April 1. Drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians all have to be aware of one another, said the sales director.

He was driving on the PIE towards Tuas when he gave way to an ambulance behind him. He was then pulled over by a TP officer just before the Kallang exit, and wondered what he had done wrong. “I thought I may have given way too slowly,” he said.

But he was, in fact, rewarded for the act. On the instruction of the officer, he drove to a carpark in Potong Pasir, where he was given a goodie bag.

Afterwards, Mr Tee said: “Giving way to the emergency vehicles, for example the fire engine, the ambulance, that’s very important.”

It is also important to be observant of the safety of pedestrians and give way to them if possible, added the driver of 40 years. His other road safety tip: “Keeping a safe distance is very key to avoiding any accidents.”