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Twin girls bitten at daycare

On Jan 23, Mrs Yao just got off work when she received a phonecall from the daycare centre her twin toddlers go to that one of her daughters had been bitten by a classmate.

The 33-year-old accountant started sending her daughters to the My First Skool brand in Choa Chu Kang when the twins were only three months old, Mrs Yao told Shin Min Daily News. The twin girls are now one year old.

 "I had wanted to ask what happened but the teacher seemed very nervous and started crying," she said, adding that she was informed the next day that her daughter was lying down when a classmate suddenly went over and bit her above the eye.

"I was dissatisfied but the school promised to pay more attention to it in the future, so I did not pursue the issue any further."

On Feb 22, she received another phonecall from the centre, informing her that her other daughter had been bitten at the back of her head.

Mrs Yao claimed there were teeth marks and blood stains. The wound was also red and swollen.

The police confirmed that a complaint about the incident had been lodged.

"It seems that other children had been been bitten repeatedly, but no one solved the issue. It is really outrageous," Mrs Yao told the Chinese daily.

A My First Skool spokesperson said that children's safety is the school's top priority, and that the teachers received professional early childhood education training and are attentive to the children's well-being.

"It is common for children in the teething stage to bite. We will pay special attention to children who have this tendency and take relevant measures. Teachers do their best to take care of the children, but unfortunately, biting incidents still happen."

The school notified the Early Childhood Development Agency of the incident and will cooperate in investigations.