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Wet weather forecast for the rest of November

Heading out for lunch? Pack your brollies, as the recent wet weather is expected to continue through the rest of November.

Short, thundery showers are expected in the afternoon across the island, and may extend into the evening on a few days over the next two weeks. Some days may see widespread, heavy showers.

The total rainfall may be above average, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said on Thursday.

It will be generally warm, with daily temperatures expected to range between 24 and 34 deg C on most days. The daily maximum temperature possibly reaching 35 deg C on on days when it is less cloudy.

On most days in the first half of the month, Singapore experienced thundery afternoon showers over some parts of the island.

MSS said the heaviest daily total rainfall for the month was recorded on Nov 7 in Woodlands, at 69.7mm.

Many parts of the country also experienced widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers that day.

The mercury touched 35.8 deg C in Newton on Nov 3 – tying with the highest daily maximum temperature ever recorded for the month of November since records began in 1929, on Nov 18, 2019.