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‘What fake accent?’ Voiceover artist defends how she speaks in video

“We can sound however we want.”

A voiceover artist has gone on a rant on TikTok after being accused of putting on a “fake” accent.

In a video, Caitanya Tan defended herself, saying that she is from Singapore, “a multinational, multiracial country”.

She went on to credit her primary school teacher, Mrs Bingham, who is half British and half Singaporean: “The only reason I’m able to use my voice and the way I speak to make money right now is because of Mrs Bingham.”

Caitanya emphasised the importance of not judging others based on how they choose to speak, saying: “We’re entitled to what we want to do.”

@caitofalltraits Replying to @Blippi Rant over. #youdoyou #empowerment ♬ original sound - Caitanya Tan

She also noted that comments like the one she received are “detrimental to society”.

Most netizens supported Caitanya’s take on accents. Some even encouraged her to ignore the naysayers. 

“You sound very nice. Keep doing you,” read one comment.

Another person agreed that she didn’t have an accent but articulated well while another praised her clear pronunciation such that there was no need for subtitles. 

One commenter mentioned that her accent seemed mixed, to which Caitanya agreed and explained that it was due to her time spent abroad working.

On her TikTok account, Caitanya posts voice impersonation videos. One of her most popular ones involves recreating the MRT announcements on the train. 

Caitanya is also an actress who has appeared on drama series such as Point of Entry, Tanglin and Netflix's Mr Midnight. She has also done commercials for brands such as Siemens, Yahoo and Vice Asia.