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Woman alleges therapist at TCM clinic molested and hit on her; clinic suspends employee

Seeking pain relief for muscle aches in her shoulders, a woman visited a TCM (traditional chinese medicine) clinic for a “Tui na” massage – but ended up getting allegedly molested and hit on by a male therapist.

The 30-year-old woman, who declined to be named, told Shin Min Daily News she had visited the Clementi branch of Ma Kuang TCM Clinic on Sept 14 to relieve aches in her shoulders, neck and lower back.

“Tui na” is a traditional Chinese massage similar to shiatsu. 

"The first 30 minutes of the massage seemed normal, but he later moved my bra strap aside, and made me feel uncomfortable," the woman said.

She said she was asked to raise her arms and change positions multiple times, putting her at risk of exposing her chest.

"When I voiced my concerns, the therapist used one hand to press a towel against my chest and continued the massage with his other hand.”

The woman also questioned why the therapist had to massage her tailbone when she had lower back pain.

"He told me that my tailbone was misaligned and asked if I had fallen and landed on that area before.”

She said the therapist also massaged her buttocks, saying it would help to realign her tailbone.

"Throughout, I felt that he was taking advantage of me under the pretence of giving me a massage.”

She said that at one point, the therapist pushed her underwear down to her thigh area while massaging her tailbone, a move she felt was “inappropriate”.

Her suspicions were confirmed when right after the therapy session, the therapist repeatedly asked for her phone number and home address.

"He kept telling me that he wanted to have a meal with me, and also suggested a home visit (for a massage). His words troubled me," she said.

After consulting other “Tui na” practitioners, the woman returned to the TCM clinic the following day and informed them of the incident. She lodged a police report on Sept 16. 

Ma Kuang TCM Clinic staff told Shin Min that they looked into the matter and have suspended the therapist involved. 

They have also offered the client their assistance and filed a police report of their own, a spokesperson said.

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