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Woman checks into Johor Airbnb, discovers it's a hospice

If you needed a place to stay for the night, would you settle for a hospice meant for the old aged?

In a TikTok post on Friday (Sept 8), a woman named Rie, who goes by username Crybabytubby, shared how she was once about to stay at an Airbnb in Johor Bahru only to realise the place was a charity home for the disabled and chronically ill. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, the 27-year-old, who works in media, said the incident happened back in July 2022. 

She had booked the place, Johor Chesire Home, after she and a friend decided to extend their trip by one night, but learnt that their previous accommodation was fully booked. 

En route to the place, Rie said they had to drive past two cemeteries to a rather remote location. 

In images she shared on TikTok, Rie showed the front entrance of the Home with a large rolling metal gate and high metal fences stretching into the distance.

"Looking a bit [suspicious]," she wrote in her captions. 

Other photos showed that while the premises were well maintained, the building did look like it functioned as a boarding house or hospital of some sort.  

To add to the eeriness, Rie told AsiaOne that they did not encounter any other Airbnb guests while they were there, and “many rooms” looked “available”. 

Later on, Rie checked the reviews online and discovered the place was indeed a home for the chronically ill. 

"I should have done more research instead of thinking that it was just the name of an apartment building," she said. 

Rie and her friend eventually checked out of the place within an hour.

She explained that "it didn't feel right" vacationing in a place meant to help people who were ill or who had disabilities. 

"I prefer to have my holiday in an alternative location as I empathise with them and want to ensure that their comfort and privacy are upheld," she said. 

"In order to get to my room, I would have to pass by all the residents having their daily activities in the common area" she further explained. 

"I was afraid I may make them uncomfortable by having a holiday there, as it is meant to be their safe space." 

According to Rie, the owner has since deleted their account and removed all their listings from Airbnb.