Train pervert in UK caught after student-victim snaps him on her mobile phone

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A man who groped a student's leg on a train was caught - after she snapped him on her mobile phone and passed the picture to police.

Officers from British Transport Police released his image and an appeal, then tracked down Raja Hussain, 39, from Rotherham and arrested him.

He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the University of Sheffield student, 18, in South Yorkshire.

But he escaped jail and was given a suspended eight-month sentence.

The student was travelling between Sheffield and Doncaster on October 29 last year when the attack took place.

Prosecutor Catherine Duffy said that the victim felt intimidated after Hussain sat down next to her and started looking at pictures of naked women on his mobile phone.

She said: "He moved closer to (her) and began to take off his jacket. As he did so, he touched her."

The student edged away. Hussain's body remained in contact with hers and he touched her leg while "grinning".

She pretended to text a boyfriend to get Hussain to stop. She also texted her mother.

'I feel sick'

Among the messages she sent was one that read: "I think this man is trying to stalk me, I actually feel sick."

When he got off the train in Rotherham, she covertly snapped a picture of him through the window and handed the image to the police at her destination.


Hussain's defence said there was no premeditation and he was suffering from poor mental health at the time.

Besides the suspended eight-month jail term (due to his previous good character), he was banned from trains for three years.

Since the attack, the victim has been too frightened to take trains, media reports said.

Sources: Mail Online, YouTube


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