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Simplify fares, ensure more cabs during peak hours

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The introduction of Uber and other private hire car companies has changed the taxi scene quite radically ("Must taxi uncle give way to Uber driver?"; Jan 12, The Straits Times).

Unfortunately, many issues still remain.

Getting a cab or private hire car is still an unpredictable affair. The cab fare system is still difficult to understand.

Now, the minimum daily mileage requirement for cabbies has been scrapped and there is news that taxi hire rates are being cut, in the hopes of reducing work hours for cabbies to give them time to take care of their health ("LTA scrapping minimum daily mileage for taxis"; Dec 18, 2016, and "Trans-Cab cuts rental fees in bid to attract cabbies"; Dec 29, 2016, The Straits Times).

This is good for cabbies, but what about the passengers? Ultimately, we want a predicable and fair tariff system, ease in getting a ride, and a safe ride home.

Cab companies need to step up and provide better service. This can be in the form of simplifying the complex fare system, making sure there are enough cabs at peak times, and ensuring the cabbies know the routes while driving.

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