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Why are people dropping the iPhone 6? For science, of course

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Yes, Apple released their latest version of the iPhone last week.

 And what's bizarre are not the eager beavers queueing 2 weeks in advance to get their hands on the iPhone 6. Rather, it's the buyers' willingness to drop those perfectly sculpted gadgets onto the floor that's puzzling.


It seems people are conducting "drop tests" on Apple's new phones and uploading the results online.

Sheer madness?

It's all in the name of science apparently.

They wanted to see how durable these phones are, because earlier rumours suggest that the screen of the new iPhone come with a near indestructible "sapphire glass". 

So how did the phones fare?


From the various videos uploaded, the new iPhones are not indestructible.

While the various unscientific tests showed they can survive minor bumps and bruises, a drop directly on the face of the phone will - more often than not - crack the mythical glass screen.

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So for those of you lucky enough to own the new iPhone, keep your handsets safe!
If any of you want to donate your phone to us for a drop test, please email tnp@sph.com.sg
Use the subject tittle: "I want to donate my spanking new iPhone for Science" 
Yes, we are joking.
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