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Boy kicked, beaten, humiliated by bullies at school

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A student was kicked, beaten and punched by several boys in a prayer room of a school in Besut district in Malaysia's Terengganu state.

A video of the shocking abuse was posted on the "Friends of Barisan Nasional" Facebook page on Sunday (Nov 15) night.

In the clip, which lasted more than six minutes, a boy in a brown uniform was seen being kicked and hit by several other boys.



The bullies took turns running around him and hitting him. 

They kicked him in the stomach repeatedly, sprayed him with water, wiped his mouth with a sock and dragged him around by his leg.

One of the boys even hit the victim with a small hammer and climbed on him to kick him.

Throughout the video, the victim did not retaliate.

Loud laughter can be heard in the video, but none of the other boys tried to stop the abuse or help the victim.




Kes buli pelajar sekolah. Kejadian berlaku di dalam surau sebuah sekolah rendah di Besut, Terengganu. Mohon Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) siasat dan ambil tindakan sewajarnya

Posted by Friends of BN - Barisan Nasional on Sunday, November 15, 2015



The Star reported that those with information about the incident are encouraged to report it to the police.

Source: The Star