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'Overweight Haters' hand fat-shaming cards to commuters on London tube

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Fat-shaming has gone to a whole new, despicable low.

Some commuters on the London Underground have been handed printed cards that said: "Our organisation hates and resents fat people".

The "organisation" is named Overweight Haters Ltd.

The card also says: "We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves."

A number of people have reported seeing commuters being handed the cards.

One Twitter user Sean Thomas Knox posted on Twitter that he saw another woman being handed the card at a tube.

He said: "Her stunned, desolate reaction was very real. Then tears."

Steve Burton, of Transport for London, said this "sad and unpleasant" form of anti-social behaviour "would not be tolerated.

The misspelt cards conclude "We also object that the beatiful (sic) pig is used as an insult. You are not a pig. You are a fat, ugly human."

Many online have come to the victims' defence saying that the act is "despicable".



Beauty brand Dove admired her courage to speak out about it.



Source: The Guardian, BBC

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