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Christy Chung livestreams fitness workout, and gets fat shamed by netizens

With the intention of motivating the public to exercise and burn fat, Canadian-Asian actress Christy Chung and actor husband Shawn Zhang hopped on the fitness-livestream bandwagon recently. 

Unfortunately, they probably didn't count on receiving nasty comments from fat-shaming netizens in the process.

Chung, 51, a 90s bombshell, and Zhang were decked in form-fitting and brightly coloured exercise clothes during the stream. 

Some netizens zeroed in on what they perceived to be a “spare tyre” around Chung’s waist, commenting that it “would've been better” if she had worn a loose T-shirt instead.

Others went even further and suggested that the former beauty queen might be pregnant because of her size, while some simply went straight to the point – “[She’s] gotten fat”. 

One netizen decided to be snarky and remarked: “She was beautiful beyond belief when she was younger, but now that she’s old, she’s basically a butcher’s knife,” making reference to a phrase that, according to 8days, means that time has left an indelible mark on someone’s face, eroding their beauty.


Thankfully, there were also netizens who stood up for Chung, pointing out that it’s perfectly normal for folks to “put on a little weight” as they age.

“Is it necessary to insult people like this? Isn’t this much better than those who go under the knife so much, their faces become abnormal?”

“You wish you looked as good as her”

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