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Tragedy as couple struck by lightning 6 days after getting married

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It should have been an idyllic honeymoon.

The start of a beautiful life together.

But just six days after they got married, a tragic incident happened to the newly-wed couple.

They were struck by lightning while hiking up a mountain in Colorado on Friday (July 18).

Ms Kathleen Bartlett, 31, died on the spot, while her husband Ryan Pocius, 32, was injured.

Two hikers who were with the couple suffered minor injuries.

They had to hike down the mountain to get help as there was no mobile phone reception.

The tragedy took place at about 1.15pm at about 12,400 feet on Mount Yale, one of the summits of the Rocky Mountains.

Mr Pocius was discharged from hospital on Sunday (July 19).

The couple had just tied the knot on July 11 at the Denver Botanic Gardens in the US.

Ms Bartlett, a teacher, wrote on a wedding website: "We ended up having more things in common than we first thought, including a shared appreciation for kids' movies, yoga, sarcasm and love for the outdoors.

"It became apparent very quickly that we had both found 'our person'. Six months after we started dating seriously, we found ourselves engaged and the rest is history!"

It is estimated that there were about 300 lightning strikes hitting Mount Yale at the time of the tragedy, reported NY Daily News.

Ms Bartlett's friend, Ms Deborah Young, told ABC 7: "She just was so in love and so grateful and just so happy

"My heart goes to (Mr Pocius) incredibly. The pain he must be feeling, I can't even imagine."

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