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Watch: Blind woman gets to 'see' unborn baby

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Most mothers-to-be get to see their unborn child during the ultrasound examinations.

They find out if the little one will have daddy's nose or mummy's ears. They squint at the screen and declare their child to be the cutest thing ever.

Recently, a blind woman in Brazil was given the chance to experience that special moment.

With the help of 3-D printing technologies, Ms Tatiana Guerra got to 'see' her unborn baby.

Doctors surprised her with a 3-D model of her ultrasound scan with the words "I am your son" printed in braille at the top.

The touching video by Huggies Brasil was posted on YouTube last week. It has close to four million views.

The 30-year-old woman, who became blind when she was 19, was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when the scan was taken.

In the video, she asks the doctor what her unborn baby looks like.

He replies: "How do you imagine him?"

She says: "Oh I imagine him, well, his nose like a little potato, a small mouth. Like that, a chubby hand... I can't wait to smell him."

The doctor later gives her the model and tells her: "That's an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does."

She caresses it and begins crying.

"I'm very happy to meet Murilo... before he's born," she says.

Watch the video below:



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