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Why did man bite off wife's nose and eat it?

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A woman from Dezhou, China, turned up at a hospital on Monday (Sept 7) with a huge chunk of her nose missing.

What she told police and medical personnel next was shocking.

She claimed that her husband had bit off her nose and ate it after he was furious with her treatment of him.

Mirror Online reported that the night before she was attacked, her husband had called her several times on the phone in the wee hours of the morning.

As she was tired from just having worked the night shift, she didn't answer the calls.

According to Shanghaiist, he then confronted her at work the next day and a heated fight ensued.

At one point, he grabbed her, locked his teeth into her nose and ripped it off.

He then swallowed it.

When the woman arrived at the hospital, doctors who examined her found that her entire nose, including the soft tissue was all gone.

China Jilin reported that when the doctors asked her if she had collected her nose so that they could reattach it for her, she informed them that her husband had eaten it.

She said that the police and her co-workers had tried to look for her nose in case her husband had spat it out but to no avail.

The China Jilin reporter who interviewed the woman took her to a plastic surgery clinic for doctors to assess the damage to her nose.


It was there that the woman opened up to the reporter about the how the relationship between her and her husband had soured.

She said that before she agreed to marry her husband, he had painted a vision of a comfortable life for her should she marry him.

He said that his two sons from a previous marriage were already married so she wouldn't need to take care of them.

After the woman married him, she got pregnant.

She claimed this was when her husband's bad side started to show.

She told China Jilin: "He told me to sell my son.

"He said that his two sons were married and he wanted me to look after his sons' children.

"I asked him, 'Do you think I married into your family to be your babysitter?

"'Make me sell my own son and then make me take care of your sons' children?" 

The woman claimed the couple had become estranged after the incident. 

Police have launched an investigation and are searching for her husband.

Doctors at the plastic surgery clinic advised the woman to get her nose reconstructed after three months. 

Source: China Jilin, Shanghaiist, Mirror Online