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Woman wrestles 3m-long python to save dog's life

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A British woman did not think twice about charging for the python that had coiled itself around her dog's body in a death grip.

Ms Stacy Tucker wrestled the big, 3m-long snake for half an hour while she tried all ways and means to free her beloved dog, Pippa.

According to South China Morning Post, this happened last week, when the mother of two boys had taken her two dogs for a walk in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

During her trek through the countryside in the early evening, Ms Tucker, 49, had ran into her friend Colin Dyson, 52, who was also out walking his two dogs.

As they advanced along the country trail together, five-year-old Pippa, who was not on a leash, ran ahead of them.

Suddenly, Pippa disappeared and when Ms Tucker and Mr Dyson rushed forward to look for her, they found that a python had coiled itself around Pippa completely.

Pippa was bitten in the abdomen by the snake and also had broken blood vessels in one of her eyes due to the python's tight grip.

MMC News reported that Ms Tucker immediately wrestled the Burmese python and tried to find its head so that she would pry its jaws open in hopes of freeing her dog.

She said: “When we got there, we couldn’t see Pippa at all because the snake was coiled completely around her. 

"The python was so strong. I’ve never seen anything so big.

"The snake must have been waiting at the side of the trail and ambushed us."

She added: "(The rescue) seemed to go on forever. I was sitting on it with my whole weight and it still kept trying to wrap its tail around my leg.

"It was exhausting but I wasn’t going to give up. Pippa is my baby. She is part of the family."


Ms Tucker (above) sat on top of the python and prised its jaws open and tried to uncoil it.

At one point, she even shoved a rock into the snake's mouth to prevent it from biting her dog again.

The Express reported that in the end, Ms Tucker freed her dog by flipping her over and forcing a branch into the snakes mouth to make it release her dog. 

She said: "Pippa ran off and Colin was left holding the snake. He just threw it down the bank.

"We watched as it lifted its head, looked around to orientate itself and slithered off.

“I am so grateful Colin was there. I wouldn’t have managed to free Pippa without him. He kept his cool throughout the whole thing."

She added: "Afterwards, the muscles in my arms were aching like I’d been lifting weights. I also had several bruises on my arms.

"I felt like I had done a round in the ring with Mike Tyson."

Both Ms Tucker and Mr Dyson were bitten by Pippa, who had been in a huge state of panic when they had tried to free her.

Mr Dyson was all praise for Ms Tucker's bravery.

He said of his friend: "She went straight in to locate the (snake's) head.

"With time, we figured out how to slowly unwrap it.

"We had to take a number of rests to regain our strength but we gradually made progress."

Source: South China Morning Post, MMC News, Express

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