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1-year-old toddler crawls out of wreckage after truck crash in Indonesia

A toddler survived a crash involving two trucks in Sumatra, Indonesia, with dashcam footage showing the child crawling out from the wreckage and looking for his mother.

The baby, identified by local media as one-year-old Fatih Akbar was seen crawling out from a badly damaged truck and toddling towards his mother, Ms Sri Devi.

In the video which has since gone viral on social media, Ms Sri Devi can be seen inside a yellow-and-purple truck, trying to get out through its crushed door, while another truck could be seen next to the road, lying on its side.

The accident took place on Sept 9 along a road at Lampung province on the Indonesian island.

“We suspected the driver of the yellow-and-purple truck fell asleep while driving, causing his vehicle to swerve into the opposite lane and hitting the other truck,” Central Lampung traffic police chief Wahyu Dwi Kristanto said in a statement on Monday.

Both drivers of the trucks survived the crash but one of them suffered serious injuries to the head, abrasions to the face and fractured his right leg, reported CNN Indonesia.

Mr Wahyu said Ms Sri Devi also suffered injuries while her son had bruises on his left eye and abrasions on the face.

Ms Sri Devi said she and her son were asleep when the accident happened.

“I did not know that Fatih was outside the wreck until he came towards me,” she said, adding that her son is in good condition and has been treated at a nearby hospital.