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Boy, 7, in China, beaten by mother for taking beer to school and sharing with classmates

He has just started primary school, but he has already caused a stir in the classroom.

The unnamed seven-year-old boy in Xiamen, China, brought two bottles of fruit beer to school without his parents’ knowledge in September and got his classmates drunk.

The incident was revealed by the boy’s mother in a video uploaded online.

In the video, the boy is seen standing facing the wall, seemingly as punishment. The mother revealed that she was so angry him for sneaking the beer to school and sharing with his classmates, that she hit him with a hanger till it broke.

“I don’t know when he took two bottles of beer from the fridge, brought them to school and shared with his classmates,” she said in the video.

In the video, the mother shared a screenshot of a WeChat conversation she had with the boy’s teacher.

The teacher asked the mother if she was aware that her son had brought the beer to school and shared it with his classmates. Many of the boy’s classmates were drunk as a result, said the teacher in the conversation.

The mother replied that she was not aware that her son brought the beer to school and asked how the children are doing.

The teacher then said that the children were sleeping. The mother later apologised to the teacher for her son’s actions.

The teacher discovered that many of his students were sleeping on their desks when he entered the classroom for a lesson.

The teacher asked the other students why their classmates were sleeping and was told it was because of the drink the boy served to them.

The teacher then realised that the drink the boy had given to his classmates was beer. The mother has since apologised to the parents of the students who drank the alcohol.

Some netizens on Weibo said that the boy’s parents should pay more attention to him at home.

One user wrote that the boy was just curious about the beer and shared with his classmates. However, the user said that his parents should pay attention to him.

Another user said that fortunately, nothing major happened to the students.

“If something happened, it wouldn’t be something that could be solved with a beating,” said the user.

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