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Brexit Vote Leave campaign director to be UK PM’s senior adviser

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LONDON: Just hours before Mr Boris Johnson was due to take office as prime minister, one of the most unconventional architects of Brexit was named as a senior adviser to help implement his pledge to leave the European Union by Oct 31, with or without a deal.

Mr Johnson will appoint Mr Dominic Cummings, the campaign director of the official Brexit Vote Leave campaign, as a senior adviser.

The appointment of Mr Cummings, known for his campaign skills and combative style, shows Mr Johnson is serious about going in hard on Brexit.

Mr Cummings says Britain's political system is broken and Brexit negotiations have been botched by officials who have thwarted the will of the people.

Meanwhile, British finance minister Philip Hammond resigned yesterday, following through on a vow to leave rather than serve under Mr Johnson.

Mr Hammond has been the nagging voice telling Mr Johnson that his promises of a bright no-deal Brexit future are misguided and dangerous.

"I will do everything I can from the backbench to ensure that Parliament blocks a no-deal," he said a few days before he formally quit. - REUTERS, AFP