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China Bride invites ex-boyfriends to wedding, seats them together

A wedding dinner in Hubei, China, has gone viral on social media after the bride invited and gathered all her ex-boyfriends at one table.

A clip uploaded on shows at least five men seated at the same table which had a note reserving the table for former boyfriends.

Social media users were quick to notice how all five men shared the same expression and wondered if the woman dated brothers of one family.

Others lauded the woman for being daring while there were also plaudits for the groom for his open-mindedness.

“One dare to invite, another dare to attend,” one of the comments read.

There were, however, comments that the clip was staged as the note was hand-written.

“This is a prank. It’s obviously written at the last minute to make a video just for fun,” read one comment

“If it is real the table is reserved for ex-boyfriends, the organiser would have printed the note rather than have it handwritten.”

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