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China facing diabetes epidemic

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WASHINGTON China is facing the largest diabetes epidemic in the world -11 per cent of its population suffers from it, with nearly 36 per cent prediabetic, according to a US study.

The survey, published on Tuesday, included 170,287 participants and was conducted in 2013.

Among the diabetic population in China, 36.5 per cent were aware of their diagnosis and 32.2 per cent were receiving treatment. Among those being treated, 49.2 per cent had adequate glycaemic control. Tibetan and Muslim Chinese had significantly lower prevalence of diabetes compared to the majority Han population (14.7 per cent for Han, 4.3 per cent for Tibetan, and 10.6 per cent for Muslim).

The adult diabetic rate in China of 10.9 per cent is close to that of the US (9.3 per cent), according to 2014 figures recorded by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The Chinese prediabetic rate of 35.7 per cent was also close to the US rate of 37 per cent recorded in 2014. - AFP