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Chinese woman gets back newborn she threw into bin

She gave birth and then threw her baby in the bin moments later. But by some act of mercy, she got the baby back.

The woman was on holiday in Chongqing, a municipality in southwestern China, when she gave birth in a residential building, The Global Times reported on Saturday (Aug 26).

Security footage shows the woman wheeling a suitcase into a lift at 8.44pm on Aug 21.

Seconds later, she crouches down in the corner of the lift before standing up with a baby in her arms.

She tries to wipe off the blood on the baby, the soles of her shoes and the stains on the lift's floor.

When the lift comes to a stop at 8.47pm, the woman quickly walks out.

Then she dumps her newborn into a rubbish bin at the lift lobby. 

She reportedly throws tissues into the bin to hide the baby.

She reportedly throws tissues into the bin to hide the baby.PHOTO: WEIBO

Suspicious of her behaviour, an elderly man stops and looks into the bin, but does not notice the baby, Asia Television reported.

After he leaves, the woman wipes off the stains on her shoes again and leaves through another lift.

Residents discovered the baby later that night and called the police. 

The child was taken to hospital.

Hospital staff said the baby was discharged after a few days but is now back in the care of the woman and her partner.

"During the baby's hospital stay, the child's mother and grandmother had been visiting," the staff said.

People were shocked and disgusted by the woman's actions, with one saying that she was "heartless".

"She threw the baby into the rubbish bin like a piece of trash," said another.

Hope the “trash” has now become “treasure” to her as it should.