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Diner demands to have TV host Xiao Yu's seat at eatery

Malaysian TV host Xiao Yu is quite the foodie, her social media accounts peppered with photos of drool-worthy dishes.

But a recent experience at an eatery left a bad taste in her mouth.

Xiao Yu on Nov 26 shared on Instagram how her meal at an eatery was interrupted by a diner who insisted that she vacated her seat because he wanted to have his meal there. She had gone to the eatery as she was filming in the area.

Xiao Yu, who on the same day shared photos of herself with Resorts World Genting in the background, was appalled at the diner's condescending behaviour but was also taken aback that the eatery staff pandered – albeit apologetically – to the unreasonable request by the middle-aged man.

As she did not wish to escalate the incident and make the situation awkward and even more unpleasant, Xiao Yu agreed to vacate her seat. Never mind that there were plenty of empty seats elsewhere in the eatery.

According to China Press, as she was clearing her tray, the male diner glared at Xiao Yu and said impatiently: "Wow, you have yet to leave."

Malaysia TV host Xiao Yu was told to vacate her seat while she was having her meal at another eatery. PHOTO: XIAOYU.GOTRAVEL/FACEBOOK

Xiao Yu felt affected by the incident but did not want to take it up with the diner in the eatery as she did not want to make it awkward for the other people, so she vented her anger on social media.