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#Fail. Thief sells stolen wares outside owner's home

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When it comes to dumb criminals, this man takes the cake.

A thief in China was caught selling his stolen wares outside the home of his victim.

The incident happened earlier this week in the city of Chongqing.

The victim, a boutique owner known only as Ms Li, had recently received a shipment of 300 pieces of clothing worth about 6,000 yuan (S$1,300).

On Monday (April 20), she pasted her shop's label onto the goods, which she then packed into three bags.

Her plan? To take them to her shop the next day.


But on Tuesday (April 21) morning, she found her living room door wide open and her bags of clothing gone.

Ms Li was leaving her home to make a report at a nearby police station when she heard a man hawking his wares.

He was selling clothing at a bargain price outside her home.

His goods looked similar to that which had been stolen from her.

Upon examining the label on a skirt, she realised that it was indeed hers.

The skirt, which was worth 100 yuan, was being sold for just 20 yuan.

Ms Li called the cops and the man was arrested.

Sources: China News, Shanghaiist

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