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Foster child found dead in washing machine

Early in the morning on Wednesday (July 27), a 7-year-old boy was reported missing in the US state of Texas.

Two hours later, police found him dead, in a washing machine.

The adoptive parents of Troy Khoeler had called for help at 5.20am.

They told the police that the child had been missing since 4am.

There was no indication that any door or window of the family home had been opened at that time.

So police searched the house, in Spring, a suburb of Houston.

At 7.20am, they found the body in the washing machine in the garage.

The parents had been "separated and detained, which is standard procedure", the police said.

They would not say if foul play was suspected, but a criminal investigation was underway.

The body was found clothed, police said, but it was not clear whether the top-loading washing machine was open or closed, or whether there was any water in it.

Troy, a foster child, was reportedly adopted by the childless couple in 2019.

"We ask for everyone's prayers for the family," a Harris County constable tweeted.

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