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KL airport shooting: ‘I need seven lawyers’, suspect says after given remand

PETALING JAYA – The man suspected of firing a gun in KL International Airport (KLIA) on April 14 says he needs seven lawyers to represent him after he was remanded for seven days until April 22.

Magistrate Rais Imran Hamid issued the seven-day remand order on the 38-year-old suspect at a Magistrate’s Court in Kota Baru on April 16, Malay language daily Sinar Harian reported.

He was remanded to help in investigations under Section 8 of the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971 and Section 8(a) of the Arms Act 1960.

Sinar Harian reported that the suspect was also under remand to help in investigations under Rule 25(1)(o) of the National Registration Rules (1990) for possessing another individual’s identification documents, and Section 108(3)(f) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for using fake vehicle registration plates.

Earlier, the suspect, who was clad in purple lockup clothes, was brought to the Kota Baru Court Complex at 8.30am under heavy police guard.

Having evaded the authorities for more than 24 hours, the suspect was apprehended by Kelantan police on April 15 at 3pm after fleeing KLIA following the incident which took place early April 14 morning.

On April 14, pandemonium and panic struck KLIA’s Terminal 1 after gunshots were heard in the arrival hall.

At 1.20am, travel agency owner Farah Md Isa, better known as Farah Cie, was awaiting the return of clients who had used her services to perform umrah.

A firecracker was then thrown in her direction, injuring two members of the public nearby.

Two shots were then fired at Ms Farah Cie at close range; one bullet missed its mark and the other hit her bodyguard who had protected her from the gunfire, sustaining wound to his stomach.

The shooter then fled to his car at Block C of the airport’s carpark.

Police later revealed the shooter’s identity as Ms Farah Cie’s estranged husband Hafizul, who is also a partner in her business.

The couple was reportedly in the midst of a divorce.

The aftermath of the attack was caught on camera, with a video showing an injured man being wheeled out on a stretcher.

Another video was shot by a person hiding behind a pillar with a woman’s voice saying off camera that, “Semua orang takut, ada pistol (Everybody is scared, there’s a gun)”. – THE STAR/ASIAN NEWS NETWORK

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