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Malaysia teen caught on dashcam stabbing Grab driver

A 65-year-old Grab driver in Kedah received a booking from Taman Keladi to Bandar Sri Astana just before 6pm on Nov 27.

His passenger was a young boy travelling alone – nothing amiss.

The 3km ride, however, turned out to be harrowing for the driver.

During the short car ride, the boy asked the driver for a loan of RM50 ($14) as he had no money to pay his rent. Suspecting that his passenger did not even have money for the fare, the driver told the boy that he would have to end the car ride there and then.

Malaysia news channel Astro Awani quoted Kuala Muda district police chief Zaidy Che Hassan as saying that the boy then insisted that the driver continue the journey to Bandar Sri Astana. He said he wanted to pick up money from his house and settle the fare. At his destination, the boy paid the driver RM18 and directed the older man to take him back to Taman Keladi, ordering the driver to take several narrow backlanes.

At Taman Keladi, the driver demanded an additional payment of RM9 for the return journey. The boy handed him a RM20 note but when the driver handed over his change, the boy reached over and stabbed the driver with a knife he was carrying.

Thankfully, the seatbelt came in between the knifepoint and the driver, who then grabbed the boy's arm and tried to bite it, prompting the boy to flee.

The police arrested the 13-year-old suspect, the oldest of four children, at 10pm the same day – two hours after the Grab driver filed a report. A 25cm knife was also seized.