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Malaysian couple charged with murder in Selangor bomb case

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KUALA LUMPUR - A young married couple was charged in court on Monday for the murder by a bomb blast in Selangor state, last month.

Khor Swee Boon, 33, and his wife Ng Hui Yee, 30, were jointly charged in a Magistrate’s Court with the murder of Cho Lim Fong, a 29-year old waiter, in front of a restaurant in Pandah Indah district on Dec 29, Bernama news agency reported.

The charge carries the death penalty upon conviction.

Khor and Ng nodded after the charge was read out before Magistrate Nurmaizan Rahim but no plea was recorded as murder comes under the jurisdiction of the High Court, the Malaysian news agency reported.

Lawyer RSN Rayer, who is representing the couple, asked for bail to be given to Ng as she needed to take care of her children, aged five and seven, who were under the care of her parents.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nurul Ameera Sam Kamaruddin objected to the request and said there were no special circumstances to allow the court to offer bail.

The magistrate rejected Ng’s request for bail and set March 23 for the next mention of the case, Bernama said.