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M'sia driver runs over alleged robber blocking his car

A man in Alor Setar apparently panicked when his car was surrounded by three individuals allegedly trying to rob him.

In the incident that took place just after 6.30am on March 19, the driver is believed to have stepped on the accelerator in his desperation to get away from the alleged robbers.

Malaysia's Berita Harian quoted Kota Setar police chief Ahmad Shukri Mat Akhir as saying that one of the three alleged robbers smashed the car's windscreen with an object.

"The driver got scared, so he tried to speed off but crashed into one of the alleged robbers, who was trying to block the car with his motorbike," said ACP Shukri.

"The 29-year-old man died on the spot while the other two individuals fled."

ACP Shukri added that the search for the two at-large individuals are ongoing.

"The driver will be investigated for murder while a case of attempted robbery has been opened against the two at-large individuals."