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Nanny ad attracts wrong clients

This article is more than 12 months old

She wanted to work with babies, but instead attracted lecherous men

It was just another advertisement uploaded on a Thai employment agency's Facebook page.

It advertised the services of a 20-year-old woman from Myanmar who was looking to work as a nanny.

But the advertisement, which was posted on Wednesday, attracted the wrong clients, Bangkok Post reported.

Lecherous men, attracted by the pretty looks of the nanny in waiting, swamped the page with sexual comments.

The woman, Mo, is from Thai Yai in Myanmar, the Post said.

"Mo has been in Thailand for three years," the agency wrote. "Her marital status is single. She can communicate in Thai and her documents have been verified. She wants to work as a nanny."

According to her profile, she had been baby- sitting for three years in Bangkok.

She can bathe, dress, feed and entertain babies over eight months old.

Her salary expectation was 14,000 baht (S$535) a month, with the monthly leave entitlement of four days and a fixed rate of 500 baht for overtime.

But the men who replied were not keen on her capabilities.

A Facebook user commented that he would like to hire her to baby-sit him instead.


Another commented that he would pay her 20,000 baht a month, give her a condo unit and a car, and she might even take his first wife's place depending on her "performance".

But women were quick to slam the men, saying they should be more discreet and respectful to women.

Commented one of them: "She's looking for a job. Why do people look at her like a sex object, saying that they want her in the bedroom?

"What if your sister, daughter, or mother wanted a job and this happened to them?"

Some netizens chipped in with light-hearted comments as well.

"Come raise my cat and take my salary," another netizen posted on the page.

One netizen, meanwhile, had issues with Miss Mo's asking salary.

Her salary of 14,000 baht is too high, the netizen fumed, saying that fresh graduates in Thailand earned less than what she was asking.