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Passengers restrain drunk on Siberia Airlines flight with seat belts and tape

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It is well known that the last place you want to cause trouble these days is aboard a plane.

Usually it would be a flight marshall that reacts. In this case, it was the passengers that had no time to sit out one man's inebriated behaviour.

A drunk man aboard Siberia Airlines Flight 546 from Hong Kong to Vladivostok was taught a tough lesson on Monday after he was taken down by his fellow passengers for his abusive behaviour.

A Vostok Media report said that the man, believed to be 30, started verbally abused his surrounding passengers.

Stood in the aisle, he was shouting at a woman when a male passenger in a white short-sleeve shirt ran down from the back of the plane and grappled him.

This prompted a group to swiftly tackle the troublemaker onto the floor and rain a flurry of punches and kicks on him.

The episode that was caught on camera and uploaded onto YouTube.

He was then restrained – with the unlikely combination of seat belts and tape.

According to eye-witnesses, the unruly passenger had been drinking before launching into his tirade.


The man was later detained by police after the flight touched down at Vladivostok.

A police spokesman confirmed that the incident took place but also noted that "the plane arrived on time in Vladivostok, so the incident did not cause any delay."

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