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'Please save my baby!': Woman in China throws baby out of burning flat

A video of a mother in China throwing her baby out of a burning flat onto a makeshift net below has gone viral with over 100 million views on Weibo.

The incident occurred in Wenzhou, in the province of Zhejiang, reported the South China Morning Post on July 10.

In the clip, the mother is seen standing with her baby at the window of her third-storey flat with thick smoke billowing from the building. 

She can be heard crying out: "Please save my baby!" before throwing her 40-day-old child down below. 

Anxious neighbours and passers-by stood in position below and managed to catch the infant in an outstretched quilt, SCMP reported. 

The child's mother and one other woman in the flat were later rescued by firefighters who arrived minutes later, reported Daxiang News.

"When I think of the mother throwing down her baby, it still horrifies me," one neighbour said. "The smoke was too dense. They couldn't find any way to leave."

Netizens were sympathetic towards the mother's situation and her desperate move to throw her baby out of the window. 

"How helpless she must have felt when she let go of her baby," one person wrote.