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Songs in the key of meow: Video of cat busking with singer goes viral

An adorable video of a cat busking with a singer on the streets of Taiwan has gone viral online, with over 24 million views on TikTok. 

The clip, posted by user @0110maojian, shows the feline part of a street performance in which the singer is performing a popular Mandarin love song, which plays on the onomatopoeia of the sound a cat makes.

The cat is seen to be given the task of singing the “meow” at the end of each verse, as is the "lyric" in the song. 

Towards the end of the first line, the performer carrying the cat brings the feline towards a microphone, in hopes of getting the cat to "sing". 

After a short pause, the cat lets out a “meow,” much to the amusement of the crowd gathered behind the camera, who can be heard laughing.

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The performer holding the cat gets excited too, jumping up and down in delight. 

The cat gets better at the subsequent lines, becoming more accurate with its timing and nailing the beat. It even ends the last verse with a melodic sounding “meow”. 

Across TikTok and Instagram, the cat earned high praises, with netizens complimenting its musicality. 

One user applauded the feline for having “perfect pitch,” while another praised both the singer and the cat for their “good vocals”. 

The cat’s owner took to Instagram to share about his relationship with his cat, whom he named 肥牛 (which translates to Fat Cow), after the clip trended online. It is, however, transliterated as "Fat new", according to the Instagram page.

He wrote: “Fat New is not my prop, but a source of comfort. It was abandoned in the past, but after continued tender loving care, it is now comfortable around people. I did not train Fat New, but just showered it with love.”