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Tourists lose $39k in Thai hotel, find secret windows behind mirrors

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When guests at a hotel in Thailand discovered their valuables had been stolen from their rooms, they were shocked to find a secret window behind a mirror. 

Two families had checked into the hotel in Kanchanaburi province in April, and soon found their valuables amounting to $1 million baht (S$38,600) stolen while they were away, reported Thai media outlet Thaiger on Monday (June 19).

One of the victims, Asana "Por" Kaenkaew, 43, said he checked into the hotel – the name has not been disclosed – with his wife and one-year-old daughter on April 26. 

When they woke up at 7am the next day, they discovered their valuables – consisting of jewellery and 710,000 baht in cash – were stolen. 

Por said he was sure no one had entered the room through the door, as he locked it before going to bed. 

While they were making their way to their car to check if they had accidentally left the items there, they bumped into another guest, Pinyo, who was staying in a neighbouring room.

Pinyo said he was missing his wallet and 7,000 baht in cash. 

The two men then conducted a thorough search of their rooms, and to their shock, discovered secret windows built into it. 

The windows appeared as mirrors from inside, but functioned as windows from the exterior. They were locked from the outside. 

Por said the hotel did not inform them about the secret entrances when they checked in. The hotel explained to him later on that the windows were installed a while back, for mistresses to escape from their lovers' partners.

When local police arrived at the hotel to investigate, they found footprints and fingerprints from the secret window and the air conditioner. However, they did not provide the victims with any information regarding the theft. 

Por said he has not heard from the authorities since, prompting him to turn to the media for help.